聚焦未来制造:FuMaTech & IRACE 2022将于11月9-12日携手众多德国品牌、umati演示和专业会议登陆深圳

 聚焦未来制造:FuMaTech & IRACE 2022将于11月9-12日携手众多德国品牌、umati演示和专业会议登陆深圳

Focusing on Future Manufacturing: FuMaTech & IRACE 2022 will launch Shenzhen this November 9-12 with German manufacturers, umati demonstration and fruitful conference programmes
聚焦未来制造:FuMaTech & IRACE 2022将于11月9-12日携手众多德国品牌、umati演示和专业会议登陆深圳

September 9, 2022, Shanghai & Stuttgart:

Focusing on Future Manufacturing Technologies, FuMaTech & IRACE will be held on 9-12 November 2022 in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center alongside DMP – Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo.
聚焦未来制造技术,FuMaTech & IRACE将于2022年11月9-12日在深圳国际会展中心与DMP-大湾区工业博览会同期举行。

聚焦未来制造:FuMaTech & IRACE 2022将于11月9-12日携手众多德国品牌、umati演示和专业会议登陆深圳插图
The Fumatech & IRACE exhibition area will adopt an international display format. The global leading brands including Siemens, Basler, Baumer, ViscoTec, Hahn Automation, Schunk, ifm, Güdel, KAPP, R+W, Schmersal, Heimatec, WADRICH, Hufschmied, who will exhibit within the German Pavilion, will pass on a high-quality exhibition area for machine tools, robotics and industrial automation solutions to explain the concept of "Future Manufacturing Technology" to the audience.
Fumatech & IRACE将采用国际化展览形式。Siemens、Basler、Baumer、ViscoTec、Hahn Automation、Schunk、ifm、Güdel、KAPP、R+W、Schmersal、Heimatec、WADRICH、Hufschmied等全球领先品牌组成的德国展团将为观众带来机床、机器人和工业自动化解决方案的高质量展示,诠释“未来制造技术”概念。

An umati live demonstration area organized by VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association) will be set up. Machines of umati partners can be connected to the dashboard on-site or remotely from worldwide to prove its extensive connectivity. Equipment other than machine tools will be added to this demonstration. Based on the release of companion specifications, robots may join the demonstration at FuMaTech. At the same time, together with CMTBA, a joint demonstration to verify the interconnectivity of umati and the Chinese interface NC-Link will be conducted.
VDW(德国机床制造商协会)将带来umati(通用机械技术接口)现场连接演示。umati现场展出的仪表板将连接到现场合作伙伴的机器和全球范围内远程连接的机器,以展示其广泛的连接性。本次连接展示还将纳入机床以外的设备。根据已发布的消息,机器人也将参与连接演示。 同时,为了验证umati与中文界面NC-Link的互联互通,CMTBA(中国机床工具工业协会)也将参与,共同组建联合演示区。
聚焦未来制造:FuMaTech & IRACE 2022将于11月9-12日携手众多德国品牌、umati演示和专业会议登陆深圳插图1

Alongside the 4-days exhibition, professional conference and seminars focusing on trending topics from scientific insights and customer application perspective will be organized.
除了为期 4 天的展览,FuMaTech & IRACE展区还将组织专业的会议和研讨会,从专业技术和客户应用双重角度关注行业内的热门话题。

-“IRACE Sino-European Robotics and Automation Summit” focus mainly on Chinese and European Robotics and Automation trends and industry updates with subtopics of “Creating the Factory of the Future!”, “Innovative Solutions Enabling Smart Factory” ;
-“Future Manufacturing Technology Conference” which will explain the integrated solutions combined of machine tool, robotics and automation to end users.

Jointly organized by VDMA(German Mechanical Engineering Association), China Robotics Industry Alliance (CRIA) and VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association), the conference programme will involve leading companies from both China and Europe sides to share their ideas and vision on future manufacturing technologies. Targeting on applications in Greater Bay Area, the conference and exhibition will attract local manufactures, industry experts, especially from the key industries such as automotive, 3C, metalworking, moulding and new oriented application area including EV, lithium battery, wind plant and such on.

Integrated within DMP – the leading machinery show in Shenzhen, we are expecting 1,600+ exhibitors and 130,000 visitors within 240,000 square meters’ exhibiting area. Together with other halls which stress on cutting tools, machine tool and components, measuring, casting, plastics, electro machining, hardware and materials handling & intelligent warehousing, we will jointly presenting you the full solution of factory chain.
与深圳领先的工业展DMP大湾区工博会同期举办、整合资源,整体展出面积将在 240,000 平方米,将聚集 1,600 多家参展商和 130,000 名参观者。FuMaTech & IRACE将与其他以切削工具、机床及零部件、测量、铸造、塑料、电加工、五金材料搬运及智能仓储为重点的展厅一起,共同为您呈现智能工厂的完整解决方案。

We are looking forward to seeing you at the biggest and most attractive industrial show of this year in Greater Bay Area!

聚焦未来制造:FuMaTech & IRACE 2022将于11月9-12日携手众多德国品牌、umati演示和专业会议登陆深圳插图2



FuMaTech & IRACE (Future Manufacturing Technology Exhibition & Conference & International Robotics & Automation Conference and Exhibition) is jointly started by Paper Communication, Messe Stuttgart, China Robotics Industry Alliance (CRIA), VDMA (German Mechanical Engineering Association) and VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association) within the existing DMP exhibition in Shenzhen.

FuMaTech & IRACE(未来制造技术展览会暨国际机器人与自动化大会暨展览会)由讯通展览、德国斯图加特展览、中国机器人产业联盟(CRIA)、VDMA(德国机械设备制造业联合会)和VDW(德国机床制造商协会)联合发起,与DMP大湾区工业博览会同期举办。