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Professional conference and seminars will focus on trendy topics from scientific insights and customer application perspective. Purchasing needs matching programmes and events will optimize the ROI of all participates.

Conference Topics

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IRACE Conference has been organized for two editions,  from 2022 will be combined with FuMaTech with a better organizing structure and integrated promotion.

Professors, engineers, management level of famous companies from robotics and automation related industries will be invited to share and exchange their knowledge and vision on new technologies and solutions. 

At the same time, we welcome industry companies to be more involved. We encourage application companies to rise the current pain points during automation upgrading and welcome solutions providers to introduce most updated cases. 

umati is a global community whose purpose is to introduce a common interface concept based on OPC UA to the market and to foster the acceptance and implementation of these standards. umati started as an alliance of companies from the machine building industries.

Our mission is to provide and demonstrate the common user benefit of true ”plug and play“ functionality in the field of machinery. umati relies on OPC UA as the global interoperability standard. 

  • The umati live demonstration: provides a ”user experience“ for data flow
  • has an open, common set-up to which participants can connect
  • realizes ”criss-cross connectivity“ between machinery and multiple software applications even under trade show conditions

During FuMaTech 2022, umati will bring visitors:

  • Live demonstration with machine connected and live data stream from the machine shows on umati dashboard.
  • Important seminars and discussion on related topics and standards.
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More conference topics and arrangements will come soon, contact us if you want to join us!