FuMaTalk | Interview with Mr. Hans Stoter, Managing Director of Nanjing Stuttgart Joint Exhibitions Ltd.

 FuMaTalk | Interview with Mr. Hans Stoter, Managing Director of Nanjing Stuttgart Joint Exhibitions Ltd.

Q:Mr.Stoter, can you explain the background of Messe Nanjing  and your involvement in the cooperation behind the DMP FuMaTech IRACE concept?
A: Messe Nanjing is the JV company of Messe Stuttgart in China with its headquarter and exhibition venue in Nanjing, whereas we organize exhibitions in other parts of China as well. We were one of the initiators of the FuMaTech & IRACE concept alongside DMP in Shenzhen. Previously we organized already advanced manufacturing topics and German national pavilions in Shenzhen for the Greater Bay Area. This we did mainly with VDMA’s sister organization VDW for machine tool manufacturers. We then introduced the idea to the other parties in FuMaTech & IRACE, being VDMA, CRIA and Paper Communication to join forces for a high-quality presentation in Shenzhen annually. All parties saw the benefits, so we as Nanjing Stuttgart Exhibitions started coordinating all activities for the launch at the end of April.


Q: What type of exhibitors and visitors are your aiming at during the show?
A: FuMaTech focusses on machine tool and related products manufacturers whereas IRACE focuses on industrial robotics & automation manufacturers. We aim at higher quality and innovative manufacturers from abroad and domestically to show the manufacturing industry the technologies & solutions for future manufacturing. Key visitor industries we focus on are 3C electronics, automotive, die & mould, medical, aerospace and those who look to upgrade their manufacturing processes.

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Q: What will be the highlight of FuMaTech & IRACE?
A: There will be an official German national pavilion as well as European pavilion with many of the leading manufacturers. Then there will be a government-funded Umati demonstration & expert program brought by VDW. There will the International Robotics & Automation Conference organized by CRIA and VDMA. But most importantly, FuMaTech & IRACE will be alongside DMP, the most influential industrial trade show in the Greater Bay Area, bringing at least 1,600 exhibitors and 130,000 visitors together. FuMaTech & IRACE will benefit massively from this.


Q: How did you start to cooperate with these two renowned German industrial associations and their representative offices in China?
A:As Messe Stuttgart we have already for many years successful partnerships with both VDMA and VDW on different manufacturing topics. Besides that, we also work closely together in China for several years. We all have offices in Shanghai so we meet each other regularly and join each other’s member activities and other events. We share industry information and jointly promote towards the German member companies and aim to provide the best service to them.


Q: How are you dealing with the current uncertainties of the ongoing pandemic in China? How do you plan for safety measures during the show?
A:Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, we had to make safety protocols for our Nanjing venue and for the exhibitions we organize throughout China in different venues. We have build up the experience to deal with different cities, venues and vendors. Safety is never an issue at exhibition venues. I believe the proper communication and instructions to our stakeholders and customers in even more important. Last year, we organized a manufacturing show in Shenzhen already so we know the requirements from the local epidemic control departments.

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Q:How do you see the development of industrial exhibitions in the Greater Bay Area? What are the key strengths of FuMaTech & IRACE compared to other exhibitions?
A:The Greater Bay Area is the largest manufacturing hub in China. Therefore, there are several broad & large industrial shows mainly in Shenzhen. In recent years, several specialized, stand-alone technology shows have started to appear throughout Guangdong. However, never have specialized technology shows been positioned alongside larger industrial shows. That’s what we initiate with FuMaTech & IRACE. On one side, very targeted to certain exhibitor & visitor groups, but on the other side benefiting from the “pulling power” of DMP towards visitors from all over Guangdong.


Q:What is your vision for the future of FuMaTech and IRACE?
A:To gradually develop the scale by maintaining the focus on high-quality technologies and innovative solutions. The core products are machine tools, robotics and industrial automation, but we can thing of expanding with related products such as machine vision, grinding technologies and intelligent warehousing as possible examples as we have successful exhibitions for those products in Stuttgart.


Q:What benefit do you think the association partners like CRIA, VDMA and VDW will bring for the show?
A:Most successful exhibitions in the world are joint partnerships between exhibition organizers and industry associations. We combine organizational expertise, marketing strengths, close contact with member companies and industry knowledge & content.