FuMaTalk | Interview with Xiaoming Hou, Vice president and Secretary General of Shanghai Mould Industry Association

 FuMaTalk | Interview with Xiaoming Hou, Vice president and Secretary General of Shanghai Mould Industry Association

Xiaoming Hou ,Vice president and Secretary General of Shanghai Mould Industry Association 


Q:Secretary General Hou, would you please briefly introduce Shanghai Mold Industry Association?
A:Shanghai Mold Industry Association was founded in December 1994, There are about 250 member units of various ownership. The association has 10 professional committees including operation management, mold technology, mold standard parts, mold materials, informatization, standardization, automobile mold, education and training, special processing and experts. The activities of each professional committee basically cover the whole mold industry and are an important part of the work of the association.

The association has an independent website (www.sdmta.com), wechat official account “Shanghai Mold Industry Association” and wechat group, and regularly publishes “Shanghai Mould Industry” (monthly). The association will hold forums, exchange meetings and symposiums from time to time to deliver the information of frontier mold technology,new materials, new processes, new equipment and other information at home and abroad for member units. It will also organize member units to visit and exchange at home and abroad, the purpose is to continuously improve the production technology level, management level and economic benefits of mold enterprises, promote the standardization, specialization, digitization, informatization and automation of mold industry production, promote the development of mold industry.


Q:As far as you know,what is the situation of the member enterprises of the association in terms of the layout and confidence of the market in the Greater Bay Area market?
A:Under the guidance of the government’s development planning and policies, the Greater Bay Area has established various environments suitable for the establishment and development of industrial enterprises. The mold industry has a high degree of intensification, distinctive industrial characteristics and obvious cluster advantages. The association member units including mold equipment, mold materials, mold software and other enterprises attach great importance to the Greater Bay Area market. The headquarters of Hanbang company, a representative of domestic 3D printing equipment manufacturing enterprises, and Zhongwang Company, a representative of domestic mold software enterprises, are set up in the Greater Bay Area.  In addition, mold automation equipment enterprises such as GF, Hanspark, DMG, Makino, Sodick, Jingdiao, FANUC, Zeiss and hexagon also  perennial participate in the Greater Bay Area exhibition, actively develop the mold market in the Greater Bay Area.


Q:Molds are the mother of industry, and accurate molds actually symbolize an advanced industry. Molds are very important for manufacturing in China , and technical exchanges inside and outside China are also indispensable in reality. What new opportunities do you think the new cooperation project FuMaTech & IRACE will bring to the manufacturing industry?
A:China is famous for mold making, but there is still room for improvement in mold making. In recent years, with the continuous increase of labor costs and the continuous shortening of the mold delivery cycle, the mold industry has ushered in a critical moment of transformation and upgrading. The sustainable development of the industry cannot be separated from informatization management and automatic production. FuMaTech & IRACE provides entrepreneurs with a platform for learning and communication in a timely manner, brings cutting-edge “intelligent” manufacturing technology and advanced management concepts, accelerates the automation and informatization process of enterprises, and effectively helps enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency internally.

Q:Last question, Secretary-General Hou, do you have any expectations for the 2022 DMP and FuMaTech & IRACE?
A:The Pearl River Delta region is an important area of domestic mold cluster . The DMP Greater Bay Area Expo has been deeply engaged in the industrial field for many years, and has a certain influence in the industry. Every DMP will launch highlight activities according to the trend. This year, Fumatech & Irace, which is held for the first time in the same period, closely follows the overall requirements of the national development strategy of intelligent manufacturing and focus on machine tools, robots and industrial automation of high quality technology and innovative solutions. I believe that the exhibition will certainly provide new ideas for mold industry automation development, and inject new vitality into the sustainable development of the industry!